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Our Services

Through a culturally competent lens, 54EP is a leading national voice in providing programs, mentorship, advocacy, and training related to college and career readiness, degree completion, microaggressions, and social trauma. 54EP works with students to identify resources and take ownership of their college experience. Whether students are struggling with issues of race, class, gender or sexual orientation, 54EP provides tools and services for students. 



Mentorship: Navigating the hiccups of college can be challenging.  When students believe they are outsiders and not a part of the college community, these challenges are magnified. 54EP serves as a conduit to connect students to peers at their home institution and institutions across the nation. Aside from peer-mentorship, 54EP provides professional mentors. Students have the ability to connect with individuals in their field of study to grow their knowledge base, understand their career landscape, and get one on one advice about their area of interest.


Program Development: 54EP conducts a thorough needs analysis that identify critical gaps within your institution. Once these gaps are identified, our team will make recommendations of appropriate programmatic options that meet your agencies identified objectives. We conduct workshops on college campuses, at business retreats, and professional development seminars to name a few. Our team of experts creates custom-designed programs that speak directly to our clients and their target audience.


Workshop Creation: Creating an environment that is both reflective and inclusive of all populations is imperative to the success of our clients. 54EP provides tailor-made workshops that result in the creation of inclusive community and camaraderie in schools and organizations. Our team monitors workshops from start to finish and conducts comprehensive follow-up analysis that includes a recommendation for future training.  


Advocacy Training and Support: Is your institution grappling with a current social issue? Do you want to highlight injustices that are happening on your campus, but not sure where to begin? Utilizing a collective impact model, 54EP assists college students with organizing for a collective good that will spark institutional dialogue, encourage action, and effectuate systems change. Through the 54EP advocacy training program, our clients are able to transform their problem from an issue to a movement. 


Don’t see the support you need listed above? Contact 54EP for custom support services.


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